Travel bloggers are writers first. But they are also editors and publishers. Further, they are often marketing managers, sales representatives, publicists, spokespeople, bookkeepers, website developers and chief executive officers.” – Oliver Gradwell (Travel Bloggers Unite)


Travel bloggers are passionate and experienced travelers. They have a connection with their readers you cant get from traditional media; they interact with their readers. They understand what a traveler wants because they are travelers themselves.





Did you know more people book their vacations online than any other method? Social media is one of the top influencers for online purchases. More so, travel blogs are now seen as leaders in the travel industry with a high influence on travel decisions.

Social media is playing a huge role in the travel industry. More than half of travelers have changed plans after re- searching trips on social media sites, and 50 percent of travel companies agreed that direct booking have been generated from social media. When it comes to planning, 62 percent of travelers used the Internet to research their trip, 43 percent read reviews from other travelers, and 24 percent read travel-related blogs. (Source; Sprout Insights)





Travel bloggers are a trusted source of information; They are storytellers; They are influencers; They are avid travelers. Travel bloggers are experts in their niche. Furthermore, as a community, travel bloggers often work together to create a much larger scope of brand awareness. Travel bloggers offer a much larger ROI than traditional media.

A travel blogger has multiple ways to reach your target market – travelers – though their stories, reviews on their blog and social media; a multi faceted approach which ensures a greater reach to a targeted market.