Social media should play a vital role in your online marketing strategy, so if you’re not getting the most out of your social media platforms, you’re missing out on a huge potential market. Next time you’re out in public, take a look at the number of people around you on their mobile devices connecting with others through social media – this in itself will show you how important it is to have an online presence for your business.

Our social media management package will help you build your social media strategy and online community, which is imperative for establishing your business on the web. We’ll help you build engagement and relationships with your consumers through social media with an effective strategy for growing your business.

With years of brand management experience through their work building prominent luxury travel brand Suitcase Stories, the team at Suitcase Media offer their clients a unique approach to social media marketing. Applying a wealth of industry knowledge learnt on the ground through the successful promotion of their own travel brand, Suitcase Media can provide your company with a tailored campaign to increase your social reach and promote greater brand awareness.


It is imperative as a tourism board to have compelling, engaging, and desirable content about your destination out there on the web. Suitcase Media can help to highlight your location as a top travel destination, the kind of place people are eager to travel to. With our destination marketing package, we can target niche demographics for your destination, to make sure we’re reaching exactly the people you need to be talking to. Our loyal following, made up of everyday readers and travelers, are the kind of people who want and need to hear about your destination, and we’re the connection you need to bring it to them.

This package is fully customizable to your needs, and due to our experience in the industry, any content produced will place well in Google searches. We as tourism marketing specialists have worked with many tourism boards to create content for specific destinations, and are incredibly confident in our ability to promote your destination as the place to be.


As the hotel industry continues to expand, now is the time when it couldn’t be more important to market your hotel business efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, with the evolution of review sites, consumers are increasingly putting their trust in people and personal recommendations, rather than other traditional forms of marketing.

Suitcase Media will help you to make that connection between your establishment and your customers, and create brand awareness for your hotel. We’ve worked with dozens of accommodation partners in the past, giving us extensive experience in successfully promoting hotel businesses as brands. We offer professionalism, creativity, and a passion for hotel marketing that is second to none in the industry, skills that will benefit your business hugely as the world of hotel booking continues to change.

Suitcase Media offers a wide range of quality, professional marketing services for the travel industry.

Our services are 100% customizable to accommodate your needs.