Why You Need Social Media Manager

Unless your business runs itself, you likely don’t have time to also be in charge of your marketing campaigns. Most small companies—and even some large ones—don’t want or really need a marketing department and therefore believe that they have to undertake all marketing efforts on their own. When some people hear “marketing campaign” they think they need to hire Don Draper from Mad Men to strut around their office and come up with quips to slap up on Facebook, paying him hundreds of thousands of dollars for the service.


Luckily, a social media manager is not going to run you hundreds of thousands of dollars. In fact, hiring an effective social media manager can actually save and then make you money in the long run. Outsourcing at least this section of your marketing needs is a great way to save yourself time in the short term and improve profits in the long term. Why do you need a social media manager? Let’s look at a few reasons.


  1. A social media manager can help to develop and maintain the voice of your brand. Having a consistent and reliable voice helps to make a company look trustworthy and legitimate. This is why companies that try to spread their social media management across the plates of several employees usually end up with an inconsistent brand voice. Having one individual in charge of writing or approving posts is a great way to make sure that the tone and the message itself is always consistent with the company’s personality and goals.


  1. Social media managers manage the social media. You’d be surprised how much time you spend updating your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. All of these social medias are important places to be, but keeping them all unique, updating them regularly and responding to questions and messages can suck serious time away from other important tasks. A social media manager can take care of all of these tasks, freeing you up to focus on the business.


  1. Social media managers keep your profiles on trend. It’s the job of a social media manager to sniff out the next big social media trend and make sure that your brand can capitalize on it. Right now, for example, custom memes are garnering plenty of attention. Being at the forefront of trends like these not only shows your potential clients and customers that you know what’s happening online, but makes your brand relatable.


  1. They protect your reputation. How many times have we seen a celebrity post something on social media that has seriously harmed his or her career? When you have a social media manager, you no longer have to worry about thing like that. Everything they post to your social media accounts will be carefully timed and curated to ensure that it’s the best possible reception. Your online reputation is as important as your offline reputation—perhaps more so, as anyone can go online and research your brand thoroughly.


  1. They boost Local SEO efforts. One of the main reasons to have a social media campaign is to improve the effect of on-page search engine optimization. Not only do social media pages provide another platform for your brand’s voice, they also link back to your website or blog, providing more traffic to those areas and improving the authority of the page in the eyes of Google’s algorithm.


  1. They keep your fans or followers happy. The customers or clients that follow your social media feeds want to be entertained and they want information that is immediately useful to their everyday lives. A social media manager knows how to find, curate, and post the content that your target customer wants to see. He even knows how to use the marketing features on platforms like Facebook and Twitter to help you reach out to even more potential clients and customers.


  1. Ensures your brand has an active and valuable online presence. It is not enough just to have a Facebook page or a Twitter account. If you don’t keep it updated and regularly post to it, it does as much good as not having one at all. Handing these accounts over to someone whose entire job is to make sure that your online activities are relevant and valuable to your target audience is the best way to get the most out of those accounts.


Running a Facebook (Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.) page for your business is not the same as running one for yourself. You want to entrust your company’s social presence to someone who really understands how to utilize it. That, in the end, is the main purpose of hiring a social media manger. They save you time, yes, but they also ensures that your online presence is as effective as possible.